Energy for the road ahead.

Chargie is building the most reliable, intelligent EV charging network by a mile. One that works for modern commercial buildings, multifamily communities and the growing number of EV drivers.

All charged up and ready to go.

Our comprehensive network makes charging your car as routine as charging your phone. The places you park most of the time become places you can charge any time.

For Properties

Turnkey installation and management of charging stations in commercial buildings and multifamily communities.
Let us do all the work

For Drivers

Simple, reliable EV charging through our intuitive mobile app—even in places where it’s hard to get a signal.
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Charge your EV while
you recharge at home.

Simple, reliable charging for EV drivers—
overnight, in between trips, any time you want.

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The place you park most of the time can become the place you charge any time.
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