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Multi-Unit Dwellings and Commercial Properties

Find the EV Charging Station program that fits your property’s needs. We work closely with public and private utility companies to ensure our client’s rebates and incentives are filed, reserved, and secured.

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Available rebates and incentives



Charge! - Bay Area Air Quality Management District

The Charge! Program provides grant funding to offset the cost of purchasing and installing new publicly accessible chargers for light-duty electric vehicles (EVs) at workplaces, destinations, transit parking locations, along transportation corridors, and at multi-unit dwelling facilities. The goal of the Charge! Program is to rapidly expand access to EV charging stations helping achieve the Bay Area’s EV-adoption goals of 90% of the overall vehicle fleet by 2050. 
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CAL eVIP - San Joaquin Valley

The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project is a state wide incentive program to help the growth and installation of EV charging stations and EV charging infrastructure throughout California. There is currently an incentive through CALeVIP in San Joaquin Valley.
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Charge Up! - San Joaquin Valley

Charge Up is the electric vehicle charger incentive program through San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. This program is in place to help businesses and property owners of multi-unit dwellings to install EV chargers and promote clean technology.
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Southern California Edison (SCE)

SoCal Edison is rolling out the Charge Ready program to help businesses installing electric vehicle charging equipment. This program is designed to help eligible commercial, multi-family, and public sector properties save on the installation of EV charging infrastructure.
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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

LADWP is providing commercial and residential rebates through the Charge Up LA program. Charge Up LA is in place to help Los Angeles go green by offsetting costs for the installation of commercial, multifamily, residential, and public EV charging station infrastructure.
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California Energy Commission

The Cal Energy Commission has multiple grants and programs to assist the adoption and installation of electric vehicle charging stations. These programs are in place to help transition California into cleaner energy generation and transportation.
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NV Energy

Powershift by NV Energy is providing electric vehicle (EV) charging incentives for commercial, multifamily, residential properties. NVE rebates and incentives are separated into workplace, fleet, multifamily, single family, and public charging station incentives.
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Tucson Electric Power

TEP is driving the adoption and implementation of clean energy technology by providing residential properties, commercial properties, and businesses rebates for the installation of EV chargers at their locations. Tucson Electric Power’s Smart EV Charging Program offers incentives and technical support for commercial businesses and multi-family customers.
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For more information, reach out to find out if your properties are eligible for EV charger rebates.
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