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What is Chargie?

Chargie is an electric vehicle charging platform that offers reliable, flexible and efficient services for all EV customers. We connect EV drivers through a network of independently owned charging stations offering access and ease of use for customers.

How many levels of chargers are there?

Three. Level 1 chargers (120-volt) take 10+ hours for a full charge. Level 2 chargers (240-volt) can fully charge a vehicle in a couple hours. Level 3 chargers (480-volt) take about 30 minutes, but use considerably more power.

What is a Level 2 charger?

Level 2 refers to the voltage (240-volt) of the charger. Level 2 chargers typically range from 16 to 50 amps. Level 2 chargers provide faster charges for vehicles compared to a Level 1 charger (120-volt) and need to be professionally installed.

How do I set up my login to manage my networking stations?

Chargie will create an administrator account for the organization owner. Once your stations are activated, the administrator can log in to manage your stations, view your dashboard, designate property managers or others to monitor chargers, and access control and analyze usage of your stations.

Can I collect payments from drivers who use our stations?

Yes! And you set the price. We have certain clients who make charging free as a benefit to tenants or visitors who drive EVs. Some charge just enough to cover their electricity costs, while others charge a premium to generate revenue at each property.

Who sets pricing for each property/station?

The organization owner controls pricing for each property.

Can I change the pricing in the future?

Yes. The organization owner can adjust pricing within the online dashboard.

How does the organization owner collect payments?

Chargie manages the process for you. We collect payments from drivers then distribute payments to the organization owner.

Do I need a Wi-Fi setup?

Chargie is the most flexible and reliable charger on the market offering several ways to connect chargers to enable monitoring, scheduling and more. Our chargers support Wi-Fi, hardwired ethernet cables and cellular network connections.

How do I contact support?

Email us at, we are always happy to help!

For Drivers

What are the different charging statuses?

Preparing: Your charging session is initializing and you will receive power once you have scanned the QR code.

Charging: Your vehicle is currently receiving power from the charging station.

Waiting to Charge: This status message is shown in two events:

A. Your EV is not pulling power because it is fully charged and/or has reached your pre-set charge limit.
B. Your EV is on a charging schedule and the next scheduled charge has not begun. We will automatically start your charge when the scheduled period begins.

Finishing: You have stopped or completed your charging session.

How do I get started with Chargie?

You’ll need the Chargie app to use one of our chargers. It’s free and available in both the App Store and Play Store. Download the app, add a payment method, plug in your vehicle, scan the QR code on the charging station and that’s it.

How do I start a charging session?

Plug in your vehicle, then use the app to scan the QR code (or enter the 5-digit Chargie ID) on the charging station to start the charge. If you’re at a station with an RFID reader, you can tap your RFID tag.

Having trouble scanning the QR code?

Make sure the entire code is visible and level with your camera. Tap the flash icon to add lighting if you’re in a dark setting. You can also manually enter the Station ID.

What if I’m in a location with poor or no signal?

No problem, the process is the same. Plug in your vehicle, scan the QR code, and keep the app open. We’ll automatically process your request as soon as you are back online.

How do I get an RFID tag?

RFID tags are provided for some residential properties as an added convenience. Ask your property manager if they’re available at yours.

How much does it cost to charge?

Charging rates vary by location and are set by the property owner or organization. If you have questions about pricing or fees associated with a particular charger, email us at

What is Chargie Pro?

Chargie Pro is a subscription ($15/mo) needed in apartment/multifamily properties and provides users with network-wide access to our charging stations and covers essential aspects of our service. All other charging stations, such as those located in retail or offices, may be accessed without a subscription.

How do I pay for charging?

Make sure you add a payment method after you download the app. You can add a credit card under “Payment” in the settings. Then, select an amount to preload. Funds are automatically reloaded when your balance falls below $5 to ensure your vehicle charges without interruption. You can edit the auto-reload amount at any time.

How do I find a charging station?

Our charging stations are primarily available in private residential and multifamily buildings. Contact your property manager to see if they’ve installed our chargers. We’re working to make all our public charging locations available soon. Stay tuned!

Is the Chargie app compatible with my phone?

The Chargie app is supported by iOS (11 and up) and Android (9 and up).

What are the different types of EV chargers?

Level 1 charging uses a standard wall outlet and offers about 3-8 miles of charge per hour. Level 2 charging uses a higher voltage that offers about 15-30 miles of charge per hour. Level 3 charging uses a specialized high-voltage connection that offers the fastest charging speeds and can completely charge most EVs in under an hour. Actual charging speeds will vary based on the specific vehicle and its battery size/type.

Which electric vehicles are compatible with Chargie charging stations?

Chargie supports the J1772 (J plug) standard which is compatible with all North American vehicles. Tesla drivers can also charge using the J plug adapter that comes included with their vehicle.

Is my Tesla compatible with Chargie charging stations?

Yes! All Tesla models (Model 3, Model Y, Model X, etc) can charge using the J1772 (J plug) adapter that comes included with the vehicle.

Do I need to reserve a charger in advance?

You don’t need to reserve a charger in order to use it. However, chargers in some locations maybe be assigned to a specific resident or parking space.

How do I contact support?

Email us at, we are always happy to help!

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